The Hobby-Year-2018 could not have a better start than the Szenario Wargaming Convention in Bad Kreuznach/Germany. All those beautiful tables and ingenious scenarios are really fun to play and meeting friends from all over the country rounds off the event. We came with our Conflict Rheinland Team and presented a modern warfare scenario in 20mm, […]

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Würfelkrieg am Limes

On the 2nd of september 2017 our first „Würfelkrieg am Limes“ event took place in the roman museum Limeskastell Pohl in germany. Besides some roman-themed gaming tables with Steinhagel, Broken Legions, Romand Invasion and Jugula rules, the visitors could find out more about the wargaming hobby, about building terrain and painting miniatures.       […]

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Conflict 2017

The first Conflict Tabletop Convention in Langenfeld/Rheinland (Germany) was a great success. Thanks to you all guys! We participated with „Red October“ and the new prequel „Schepisi“ (Force on Force ruleset), and also with „Longchamp“, a 28mm Normandy table (Operation Squad ruleset).

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The Mighty Orqs

We built this little frame in the year 2010 as a present. There were some awesome concerts from the band „The mighty Orqs“ at the venue „Kornbrennerei Bröleck“ in those days. Miniatures from Games Workshop.

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